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The 2015 club challenge outline can be downloaded HERE (144KB).

Interim Results (as at 14 October 2015) can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:

Long Challenge

Medium Challenge

Short Challenge 













































The purpose of the Club Challenge is to gain recognition in the Club in a FUN way, to get to know and socialise with other Club members, to promote Celtic Harriers at selected races by having as many members as possible participating and to stay motivated and to keep running throughout the year. 
·         The Club Challenge has 4 individual competitions: Short, Medium, Long & Cross Country  
·         ALL Celtics members can participate and members can compete in as many competitions as they like.  
·         The competition runs over 12 months (January to December) and we have chosen one race per month in each category which will be called the “Celtics Races of the month”.
·         For the short, medium & long competition members must complete a minimum of 7 out of the 12 events.  
·         For the Cross Country competition members must complete a minimum of 6 out of the 9 cross-country meetings (8 leagues + WP champs = 9). 
·         Every participant who completes any of the 4 individual competitions will be a winner, i.e. will receive an award in the form of a quality Celtic Memorabilia as well as a certificate.
·         The culmination of the Club Challenge is a Lucky Draw at the Celtics Awards Evening. Every member who completes an individual competition qualifies for the lucky draw. Your name will be entered into the lucky draw for every individual competition completed; i.e. if you complete 3 competitions your name will be entered 3 times and you will have 3 chances to win one (or more) lucky draw prizes. Members MUST be present at the draw in order to receive a prize.
·         Special awards will be given to  
o    The member who finishes the MOST races in the entire Club Challenge. Should more than one member complete the same number of races, the total number of kilometres run in the Club Challenge events will decide the winner. Should there still be a tie hereafter, the Committee shall use its discretion to determine the winner.
o    The member who finishes as LAST Celtics member in the most races.   
·         During the Challenge, runners are divided into their respective age categories, and Certificates will be awarded as follows to those who complete a competition: 
Junior Men & Women* (U20)1st & 2nd3rd & 4th5th – 25th  
Senior Men & Women (20-39)1st & 2nd3rd & 4th5th – 25th  
Veteran Men & Women (40-49)1st & 2nd3rd & 4th5th – 25th  
Master Men & Women (50-59)1st & 2nd3rd & 4th5th – 25th  
Grandmaster Men & Women (60+)1st & 2nd3rd & 4th5th – 25th  
Whatever age category a runner falls into on 1 January 2014 will be that runner’s category for purposes of the Challenge. * Junior (U20) = 18-19 yrs on 31 December in the year of competition; equivalent to the Schools age group U19. 

·         Points are scored as follows:      
o    100 for the 1st Celtics finisher, 99 for the 2nd, 98 for the 3rd, all the way down to the 86th Celtics finisher who gets 15 points. Any further finishers from Celtics will all score 15 points.
o    Men and women will be scored separately. So 1st woman and 1st man each get 100 points, 99 points for the 2nd man and woman finisher etc. 
For the Long Competition in June & July, it is up to you to timeously inform the Club Challenge administrator (David Heyneke, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) of the race you have completed. Note that only one race will count in this category and the score will be 80 points irrespective of your finishing position in the event you do. 
·         Regular updates of the competition will be posted on the Celtics Website throughout the year.  


Celtic Harriers Club Challenge 2014  
Month DayDateChallengeRaceDistance
JanuarySat11ShortASICS Hohenort15 km
Sat18LongRed Hill Classic & Marathon36 & 42.2 km
Sun26MediumKloof Nek Classic21.1 km
FebruarySat8ShortTop Form Road Race (WPA Champs)10 km
Sun9LongCape Peninsula Marathon - HELPERS RUN42.2 km
Sun9MediumCape Peninsula Half Marathon - HELPERS RUN21.1 km
MarchSat1ShortCentury City Express10 km
Sat8MediumConstantia Village15 km
Sun30LongTygerberg (former Glenryck)30 km
AprilSat5LongLeapfrog21.1 km
Sat12ShortBonitas Challenge10 km
Sat12X-CountryRelay5 x 3 km
Sat26MediumRavensmead15 km
MaySat3X-CountryLeague 14, 8 & 12 km
Sun4ShortUCT Memorial Road Race10 km
Sat10X-CountryLeague 24, 8 & 12 km
Sun11LongThe Jive Slave Route Challenge21.1 km
Sat17MediumBrackenfell Pick and Pay Family Store21.1 km
Sun18X-CountryLeague 34, 8 & 12 km
Sat24X-CountryLeague 44, 8 & 12 km
Sun25Short (Jun)Don Lock Memorial - HELPERS RUN8 & 15 km
June  Long *Any race of 30 km or more during the year30+ km
  ShortSee above (Don Lock)8 & 15 km
Sat7X-CountryLeague 54, 8 & 12 km
Sat14MediumMamre15 km
July  Long *Any race of 30 km or more during the year30+ km
Sat19MediumFairbridge Mall15 km
Sun20X-CountryLeague 64, 8 & 12 km
Sat26ShortMcCarthy Toyota Tableview High School10 km
Sat26X-CountryLeague 74, 8 & 12 km
AugustSat2X-CountryLeague 84, 8 & 12 km
Sun3ShortMcKenna & Scott Pinelands Road Race10 km
Sat16X-CountryWPA Cross Country Championship4, 8 & 12 km
Sun17LongReutech Solutions John Korasie30 km
Sat23MediumAtlantis (WPA Champs)21.1 km
SeptemberSat13MediumBeachcomber Race Against Crime15 km
Sun21LongCape Town Marathon (WPA Champs)42.2 km
Sun24ShortOmmiedraai10 km
OctoberSun5LongChappies Challenge21.1 km
Sun12MediumOutsurance 94.5 Kfm Gun Run21.1 km
Wed15ShortSilver Queen10 km
NovemberSun2MediumThe Landmarks21.1 km
Sat15LongWinelands Marathon42.2 km
Sat29ShortEdgemead Classic10 km
DecemberSat6LongVital Run21.1 km
Sat13MediumAVBOB15 km
Tue16ShortThe RCS Gugs Reconciliation Day Race10 km



  • Short, Medium & Long: 
Members must complete a minimum of 7 out of the 12 challenge races
  • Cross Country: 
Members must complete a minimum of 6 out of the 9 cross-country meetings
  • Long (June & July): 
Members must inform the Club Challenge administrator (David Heyneke, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) timeously of the races they have completed.